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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm full of it. Full of things to say,that is. Of course, I have not written in only seemed fitting that I begin anew with the school year dawning, this time with some gusto and motivation.
I have searched my spirit for something worthwhile to write about, but only the ordinary flow of my life fits: so I'll start with the event which has impacted me most today. It was my "night-night" time with Mabrie. Reading this blog=not very valuable. Hearing Mabrie pray=priceless. Seriously, she's 6 and has more understanding of the faith than I do. She prayed tonight that she "could go around the world and build houses for poor people." She declared to God that He was "more powerful than Pharoah (Prince of Egypt)." She constantly asks for Jesus to show the world Himself. After she finished, I fixed her face on mine, and said to her,"Mabrie, I believe you pray the very heart of God. In fact, I believe His Holy Spirit speaks through you." She giggled. She probably doesn't understand the fullness of what she's doing. She just knows to pray. Oh man, can I stand to learn this! Childlike faith.

Can I brag a little more on this kiddo? I remember at the very tender age of three, Mabrie would read her Wycliff book on unreached people groups and pray daily " they would get a Bible in their own language." I quote. Seriously. And wouldn't you guess He just may send her to accomplish this one day...

To tie a little bow on this fresh blog, I guess the point is that God will show you for what to pray. Don't strive. He's God. He will show you how to pray. If you need to confess sin, He'll tell you.If you need to intercede for some obscure Brazilian tribe, He'll tell you. If you need to sit quietly before Him, He'll cause you to do it. Put no confidence in your flesh. Even to pray.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It Still Fits!

I curled up on the loveseat with Mabrie last night, and we settled into watching "The Princess Diaries." Granted, we own this movie, but watching the TV version just seemed like a treat.I remember even at one point, under my breath, thanking God He created me a girl...or uhmmm... a woman. It's obvious that God made Mabrie eerily like me. We giggle at the same parts. We get excited about the same scenes, and I love that. So, I thought I'd take the princess theme right into our dinner tonight by creating a royal feast. I tried to build the anticipation by having Mabrie "plan" out our table. I pulled out the crystal goblets. I used the silver chargers. We lit a three-tiered candelabra, however I do not recommend this with small children dining at the table! Now, that was part one. Enchanting, right?
Here's part two: Mabrie grabs me by the hand, and excitedly drags me upstairs, where I see my prom dress lying on the bed with a mismatched suit laying beside it. Now, this isn't any old prom dress. Take a flashback to 1997 where only 35 pounds of full-bodied beading will do. Make that 36 pounds. The sucker is heavy, but not as heavy as I felt trying it on after 13 years, and two children later! With much squeezing and sucking in, I managed to zip the thing! Mabrie shrieked, "Oh Mommy! You're so beautiful! You look like a real queen!" And you know what? I felt good. I waltzed around the room a time or twenty. I could move. I could actually breathe. That is, until I sat down. I heard beads popping furiously, but the royal feast still had to be prepared. As I was preparing dinner, I hear Brad walk in the door. I met him at the corner with "Before you say anything, just know this still fits!" I loved seeing his reaction. It could've been prom night in our kitchen. Sweet, just sweet.
And lastly, dinner is resevered for part three: Brad changed into the clothes Mabrie picked out. Nothing matched, but nobody cared. Mabrie donned my childhood ice skating uniform with a tiara, and Jude wore jeans with no shirt. We all took our places at the banquet table, lined with hand-made placecards by Mabrie, each decorated with our name and a crown. Classical music echoed in our home, and we began to eat like royalty. Pinkies out, of course! We didn't know we weren't feasting at a five-star resort. Well, until Jude struggle at pulling a single blonde hair from his mouth. Eeewww. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the meal. We began to rattle off a list of royal table "rules. " I suggested no elbows on the table. Mabrie then said, "And no burping at the table. That's for you, Mommy!" The ice broke and I could see how fun it can be to be fancy. But, being the"real" me is fun, too. I enjoyed getting my last use of that electric blue prom dress. After all, I mean, ALL the things that dress respresented to a 17-year old Marie and for the amazing seasons God has brought me through, I couldn't be more thankful. I'm thankful nothing caught fire tonight, and equally grateful the dress still fits

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hamster in the Hat

Zhu Zhu pet. Okay, that's it. That's the last time I type Zhu...wait, there I go again.
From now on, the hamster will be referred to as Nugget. Mabrie got the toy hamster named Nugget on her fifth birthday from her grandfather. Such a "grandpa-like"gift, huh? She was genuinely excited to receive the squeaking-tweeting thing. Really. Until Brad told her NOT TO PUT IT IN HER HAIR. Doesn't that sound like an odd thing for a toy? Not to put it near your head?
Later, I found out why.
After four hours of playing with our newest family member, Nugget, I hear Brad and Mabrie having a "discussion." Then, I overheard the words, "your Mother...." Naturally, I pop my head in the living room, where I see the tug-of-war battle between Mabrie's hair and Nugget. Nugget was winning.
I jumped in, and now the drama has escalated to crying and panic on Mabrie's behalf. You see, Nugget was born with wheels, and every time you push the button on his back, he would wind up more and more hair.
The scene was sad. Truly sad.
Mabrie's crying,"I'm gonna be bald! I'm gonna be bald!"
I'm crying," Oh no, you're gonna bald for your birthday pictures tomorrow!'
And Brad's crying because God answered his cry for a "little Marie." Brad said he just wanted to have another "me." He did and he does.
We kitchen scissors. We snipped the tightly-wound strands and Nugget was squeaking with delight. He was free. Mabrie was free.
Later, we found out why the hamster was indeed attached so firmly to her head. She confessed she "just hid him in her hat."
Brad replied," Well, that's like sin: you think you've got it hidden until you're bound."
God redeems. Yes, even the Zhu....little things.
We think we've got our sin "covered" until God exposes it, and shows us just how bound we really are. This is grace. Grace! God can forgive and sanctify.
But, He has to cut us free from the Nuggets in our lives.

Friday, April 9, 2010

my story a nutshell

I have recently come to a better understanding of this great salvation in Christ. This is truly where Christ can receive the glory. For many years, I believed I was a follower of Christ because I repeated a prayer after the prompting of my youth pastor the fall of 1993. I followed up with believer’s baptism where I attended a small Charismatic church in South Carolina. I was the daughter of a single mother. I had no ties or even an introduction to my father. I muddled through many years striving in my own flesh to grow and thrive in my relationship with Christ. I worshipped the “god” of my own making, my own- fashioned god who was distant and waiting for me to “just get it right.’ I had little understanding of the True God and His love for me. This continued even until college in 1997, where the Lord began to grip my heart. I attended the Baptist Student Union, and began regularly visiting a large independent Baptist church. It was there that the Lord marked a difference in my spirit. I began to seek Him and strive to love Him. Still, though, I had much-needed healing to take place in the wounds from my past. Four years later, I graduated and met my husband, Brad, in 2001. The last decade of sanctification has been life-changing. He has grown my understanding of my true need for a Savior. Jesus began the work of showing me my desperately wicked heart, and my desperate need of His redeeming grace. He has healed my heart. He continues to redeem my sin, and perfect the work of causing me to love Him and others. Sometimes, I wish for a perfectly-packaged testimony. I never walked an aisle following a riveting sermon, but I know that by grace I’m saved. It is a gift, and not of myself, that I may not boast. He’s currently teaching me how to walk in the fullness of his Spirit, and to truly live by faith, without which it is impossible to please Him. I ask that He grants me faith, repentance and love daily.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

God Smiles

Here's a quick apology to you who check my blog frequently...Krissy reminded me today on the playground that there are actually people who read this! I was blown away. It made me want to come home and write.

So, we all have a Wal-Mart story, right?
Here's mine:

Last Sunday, my Sunday School lesson was centered around having a grateful heart. We've been learning that a complaining, griping attitude leaves you in the wilderness spiritually. Our verse was found in 1Thessalonians 5:18, where believers are exhorted to "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus."

I absolutely got my chance. It was in Walmart.

I loaded the children up, headed for a much-needed grocery trip. Both Mabrie and Jude were in great spirits, and over all I give the shopping part an A+. Upon checkout, I did what everyone does. I looked for the shortest line. Impossible. Every checkout lane was around four carts deep with customers. I looked around and noticed every single self-checkout was available. No lines.

So, I began the self-checkout process.Yes, it is a process, especially if you use coupons. I scanned and bagged nearly ten bags worth of groceries. I bagged them with pecularity. Meats together. Fruit handled with care. Bread by itself. With a mere handful of items left to scan, the computer stops. It shut down. I mean, completely shut down. Did your heart just sink? I know, mine did.
What to do? I had to then grab all the groceries--bagged and unbagged---and go stand back in line. But, only this time the line was seven carts deep with elderly folk. I later learned it was the exact day Social Security checks were issued. That's not funny. I heard you laugh.

So, after finally arriving to my turn in line, I just had to praise my God. I began to patiently tell the cashier what happened, and suddenly something struck me. My children, Mabrie and Jude. They had been so quiet and well-behaved, I hardly even noticed them. I began to brag on their behavior, how well-mannered they had been throughout the last hour of trying to checkout. I noticed that my own spirit was not boiling. Could it be? I began to give thanks. I gave God praise even when I didn't feel like it. I told the cashier, "we serve a great God!" and she replied, "sometimes God smiles on us."

I love when God makes the very Word come to life with practical daily happenings. He redeemed my Wal-mart trip from something very frustrating to something worth glorifying Him!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are not the Duggars.

The Duggars are a family of 20+ who are rare in every way imaginable. Surely you've seen them featured on their reality tv show on The Learning Channel...
The children are compliant. The parents are incredibly patient and joyful despite naming all 19 children with a name beginning with "J." They have an imacculate pantry. The children each play an instument. This family collaborates on regular projects together...and really...I love this family. I often whine to Brad, "why can't we be like....THEM?"
No. We are the Lynches. Brad, Marie, Mabrie, and Jude. We will eventually have 19 children because I have a lot of names I'd like to use--how else can I fit them in unless we have pets? We are our own rare form. You will hear, on any given day,these phrases:

"Mabrie, stop swinging that around....and eat it!"
"Jude, please stop biting your sister's foot..."
"Brad, did you know Jude pooped on the floor?"
"Mabrie, your fishy died. Mommy might've fed it too much."
"Stop splashing water all over the floor. I know your Barbies were just swimming..."
"Marie, your beloved coffee's on..."
even the latest after Jude dialed "666" on the phone, "Jude, did you really call the devil?!?!"

We are normal. And by normal, I mean we experience the same joys and frustrations most families endure. The only difference is Christ.
Brad & I pray that the mantra of our family will be twofold:
1. Love God
2. Love people.
Sounds simple but this is a perfecting work of God that will take the rest of our lives.

Yesterday, I felt very small. I'm a stay@ home Mom, in a small southern town. I don't have any real influence. I'm not of noble birth. And confessing these things to the Lord, He came near with this,"Greatness is napping in that crib..." and perhaps greatness is upstairs playing with her dolls. So, thankfulness returned to me.
~~I get the priviledge to have this life, to pour Jesus, our only Greatness, into my family.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Book

On this snowy Valentine's weekend, Brad & I saw The Book of Eli. I was curious. Sure, it'd seem more fitting to see a sappy chick flick, but in honor of the martyr, St. Velentenius, we thought we'd celebrate our love for one another by watching Denzel Washington fulfill his calling as Eli, sojourner of the West.
Don't fret, I will keep all the "cool" inquiries a secret. However, I will indulge my thoughts on The Book. The main character, Eli, read and studied The Book (a Bible) everyday. He guarded it ferociously. It never left him, and he never left it alone. And in this mission to which he was called, the point was always the Book.
Keep the Book.
Never leave the Book.
Guard the Book.
Read the Book.
Study the Book.
Carry the Book.
The Book.
And so I do I treat the Book? Do I treasure God's Word in my heart that will keep me from sinning? Do I cling to its decrees? (Ps. 119:11,31) Do I continually abide in the Word, as Jesus called believers in John 15?
I pray you'll turn your heart to the truth & wisdom found alone in the Bible. Would you join me today in reading Psalm 119. Refresh your devotion to the Book.