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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm full of it. Full of things to say,that is. Of course, I have not written in only seemed fitting that I begin anew with the school year dawning, this time with some gusto and motivation.
I have searched my spirit for something worthwhile to write about, but only the ordinary flow of my life fits: so I'll start with the event which has impacted me most today. It was my "night-night" time with Mabrie. Reading this blog=not very valuable. Hearing Mabrie pray=priceless. Seriously, she's 6 and has more understanding of the faith than I do. She prayed tonight that she "could go around the world and build houses for poor people." She declared to God that He was "more powerful than Pharoah (Prince of Egypt)." She constantly asks for Jesus to show the world Himself. After she finished, I fixed her face on mine, and said to her,"Mabrie, I believe you pray the very heart of God. In fact, I believe His Holy Spirit speaks through you." She giggled. She probably doesn't understand the fullness of what she's doing. She just knows to pray. Oh man, can I stand to learn this! Childlike faith.

Can I brag a little more on this kiddo? I remember at the very tender age of three, Mabrie would read her Wycliff book on unreached people groups and pray daily " they would get a Bible in their own language." I quote. Seriously. And wouldn't you guess He just may send her to accomplish this one day...

To tie a little bow on this fresh blog, I guess the point is that God will show you for what to pray. Don't strive. He's God. He will show you how to pray. If you need to confess sin, He'll tell you.If you need to intercede for some obscure Brazilian tribe, He'll tell you. If you need to sit quietly before Him, He'll cause you to do it. Put no confidence in your flesh. Even to pray.

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