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Monday, September 27, 2010

It Still Fits!

I curled up on the loveseat with Mabrie last night, and we settled into watching "The Princess Diaries." Granted, we own this movie, but watching the TV version just seemed like a treat.I remember even at one point, under my breath, thanking God He created me a girl...or uhmmm... a woman. It's obvious that God made Mabrie eerily like me. We giggle at the same parts. We get excited about the same scenes, and I love that. So, I thought I'd take the princess theme right into our dinner tonight by creating a royal feast. I tried to build the anticipation by having Mabrie "plan" out our table. I pulled out the crystal goblets. I used the silver chargers. We lit a three-tiered candelabra, however I do not recommend this with small children dining at the table! Now, that was part one. Enchanting, right?
Here's part two: Mabrie grabs me by the hand, and excitedly drags me upstairs, where I see my prom dress lying on the bed with a mismatched suit laying beside it. Now, this isn't any old prom dress. Take a flashback to 1997 where only 35 pounds of full-bodied beading will do. Make that 36 pounds. The sucker is heavy, but not as heavy as I felt trying it on after 13 years, and two children later! With much squeezing and sucking in, I managed to zip the thing! Mabrie shrieked, "Oh Mommy! You're so beautiful! You look like a real queen!" And you know what? I felt good. I waltzed around the room a time or twenty. I could move. I could actually breathe. That is, until I sat down. I heard beads popping furiously, but the royal feast still had to be prepared. As I was preparing dinner, I hear Brad walk in the door. I met him at the corner with "Before you say anything, just know this still fits!" I loved seeing his reaction. It could've been prom night in our kitchen. Sweet, just sweet.
And lastly, dinner is resevered for part three: Brad changed into the clothes Mabrie picked out. Nothing matched, but nobody cared. Mabrie donned my childhood ice skating uniform with a tiara, and Jude wore jeans with no shirt. We all took our places at the banquet table, lined with hand-made placecards by Mabrie, each decorated with our name and a crown. Classical music echoed in our home, and we began to eat like royalty. Pinkies out, of course! We didn't know we weren't feasting at a five-star resort. Well, until Jude struggle at pulling a single blonde hair from his mouth. Eeewww. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the meal. We began to rattle off a list of royal table "rules. " I suggested no elbows on the table. Mabrie then said, "And no burping at the table. That's for you, Mommy!" The ice broke and I could see how fun it can be to be fancy. But, being the"real" me is fun, too. I enjoyed getting my last use of that electric blue prom dress. After all, I mean, ALL the things that dress respresented to a 17-year old Marie and for the amazing seasons God has brought me through, I couldn't be more thankful. I'm thankful nothing caught fire tonight, and equally grateful the dress still fits

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