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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hamster in the Hat

Zhu Zhu pet. Okay, that's it. That's the last time I type Zhu...wait, there I go again.
From now on, the hamster will be referred to as Nugget. Mabrie got the toy hamster named Nugget on her fifth birthday from her grandfather. Such a "grandpa-like"gift, huh? She was genuinely excited to receive the squeaking-tweeting thing. Really. Until Brad told her NOT TO PUT IT IN HER HAIR. Doesn't that sound like an odd thing for a toy? Not to put it near your head?
Later, I found out why.
After four hours of playing with our newest family member, Nugget, I hear Brad and Mabrie having a "discussion." Then, I overheard the words, "your Mother...." Naturally, I pop my head in the living room, where I see the tug-of-war battle between Mabrie's hair and Nugget. Nugget was winning.
I jumped in, and now the drama has escalated to crying and panic on Mabrie's behalf. You see, Nugget was born with wheels, and every time you push the button on his back, he would wind up more and more hair.
The scene was sad. Truly sad.
Mabrie's crying,"I'm gonna be bald! I'm gonna be bald!"
I'm crying," Oh no, you're gonna bald for your birthday pictures tomorrow!'
And Brad's crying because God answered his cry for a "little Marie." Brad said he just wanted to have another "me." He did and he does.
We kitchen scissors. We snipped the tightly-wound strands and Nugget was squeaking with delight. He was free. Mabrie was free.
Later, we found out why the hamster was indeed attached so firmly to her head. She confessed she "just hid him in her hat."
Brad replied," Well, that's like sin: you think you've got it hidden until you're bound."
God redeems. Yes, even the Zhu....little things.
We think we've got our sin "covered" until God exposes it, and shows us just how bound we really are. This is grace. Grace! God can forgive and sanctify.
But, He has to cut us free from the Nuggets in our lives.

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