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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are not the Duggars.

The Duggars are a family of 20+ who are rare in every way imaginable. Surely you've seen them featured on their reality tv show on The Learning Channel...
The children are compliant. The parents are incredibly patient and joyful despite naming all 19 children with a name beginning with "J." They have an imacculate pantry. The children each play an instument. This family collaborates on regular projects together...and really...I love this family. I often whine to Brad, "why can't we be like....THEM?"
No. We are the Lynches. Brad, Marie, Mabrie, and Jude. We will eventually have 19 children because I have a lot of names I'd like to use--how else can I fit them in unless we have pets? We are our own rare form. You will hear, on any given day,these phrases:

"Mabrie, stop swinging that around....and eat it!"
"Jude, please stop biting your sister's foot..."
"Brad, did you know Jude pooped on the floor?"
"Mabrie, your fishy died. Mommy might've fed it too much."
"Stop splashing water all over the floor. I know your Barbies were just swimming..."
"Marie, your beloved coffee's on..."
even the latest after Jude dialed "666" on the phone, "Jude, did you really call the devil?!?!"

We are normal. And by normal, I mean we experience the same joys and frustrations most families endure. The only difference is Christ.
Brad & I pray that the mantra of our family will be twofold:
1. Love God
2. Love people.
Sounds simple but this is a perfecting work of God that will take the rest of our lives.

Yesterday, I felt very small. I'm a stay@ home Mom, in a small southern town. I don't have any real influence. I'm not of noble birth. And confessing these things to the Lord, He came near with this,"Greatness is napping in that crib..." and perhaps greatness is upstairs playing with her dolls. So, thankfulness returned to me.
~~I get the priviledge to have this life, to pour Jesus, our only Greatness, into my family.

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  1. thanks for sharing... somedays are crazy. but what a blessing we have in our family!