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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Polly Pocket

I was reminded today that nothing is too hard for my God. He says so.
Jeremiah 32:17 declares that God stretched out His hand to make both Heaven & earth. "Is there anything too hard for Him?", He asks (rhetorically). He doesn't always come to me gently. Sometimes, He is quick to my spirit. Sometimes, He is shouting to my spirit. Today, He used a Polly Pocket.
If you're not the Mom to a daughter, you may be clueless. A Polly Pocket is a tiny Barbie doll. And I emphasize tiny.... so small, in fact, that I could not get the shirt on Mabrie's miniature doll. My fingers could barely grasp the teensy-weensy accessory. I pulled and pulled. Prodded, grumbled, "Oh, COME ON!" until finally the doll was outfitted.
So, here's where God came near.
Mabrie came expectantly. She trusted that dressing that tiny Barbie wasn't too difficult or me, even when I grew frustrated, she waited patiently for me to accomplish what she simply asked. Should this not be our response to His Word when he declares that nothing is too diffcult for Him?
We should come expectantly, waiting patiently for Him to bring the thing to pass. He wants to.

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