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Friday, April 9, 2010

my story a nutshell

I have recently come to a better understanding of this great salvation in Christ. This is truly where Christ can receive the glory. For many years, I believed I was a follower of Christ because I repeated a prayer after the prompting of my youth pastor the fall of 1993. I followed up with believer’s baptism where I attended a small Charismatic church in South Carolina. I was the daughter of a single mother. I had no ties or even an introduction to my father. I muddled through many years striving in my own flesh to grow and thrive in my relationship with Christ. I worshipped the “god” of my own making, my own- fashioned god who was distant and waiting for me to “just get it right.’ I had little understanding of the True God and His love for me. This continued even until college in 1997, where the Lord began to grip my heart. I attended the Baptist Student Union, and began regularly visiting a large independent Baptist church. It was there that the Lord marked a difference in my spirit. I began to seek Him and strive to love Him. Still, though, I had much-needed healing to take place in the wounds from my past. Four years later, I graduated and met my husband, Brad, in 2001. The last decade of sanctification has been life-changing. He has grown my understanding of my true need for a Savior. Jesus began the work of showing me my desperately wicked heart, and my desperate need of His redeeming grace. He has healed my heart. He continues to redeem my sin, and perfect the work of causing me to love Him and others. Sometimes, I wish for a perfectly-packaged testimony. I never walked an aisle following a riveting sermon, but I know that by grace I’m saved. It is a gift, and not of myself, that I may not boast. He’s currently teaching me how to walk in the fullness of his Spirit, and to truly live by faith, without which it is impossible to please Him. I ask that He grants me faith, repentance and love daily.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

God Smiles

Here's a quick apology to you who check my blog frequently...Krissy reminded me today on the playground that there are actually people who read this! I was blown away. It made me want to come home and write.

So, we all have a Wal-Mart story, right?
Here's mine:

Last Sunday, my Sunday School lesson was centered around having a grateful heart. We've been learning that a complaining, griping attitude leaves you in the wilderness spiritually. Our verse was found in 1Thessalonians 5:18, where believers are exhorted to "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus."

I absolutely got my chance. It was in Walmart.

I loaded the children up, headed for a much-needed grocery trip. Both Mabrie and Jude were in great spirits, and over all I give the shopping part an A+. Upon checkout, I did what everyone does. I looked for the shortest line. Impossible. Every checkout lane was around four carts deep with customers. I looked around and noticed every single self-checkout was available. No lines.

So, I began the self-checkout process.Yes, it is a process, especially if you use coupons. I scanned and bagged nearly ten bags worth of groceries. I bagged them with pecularity. Meats together. Fruit handled with care. Bread by itself. With a mere handful of items left to scan, the computer stops. It shut down. I mean, completely shut down. Did your heart just sink? I know, mine did.
What to do? I had to then grab all the groceries--bagged and unbagged---and go stand back in line. But, only this time the line was seven carts deep with elderly folk. I later learned it was the exact day Social Security checks were issued. That's not funny. I heard you laugh.

So, after finally arriving to my turn in line, I just had to praise my God. I began to patiently tell the cashier what happened, and suddenly something struck me. My children, Mabrie and Jude. They had been so quiet and well-behaved, I hardly even noticed them. I began to brag on their behavior, how well-mannered they had been throughout the last hour of trying to checkout. I noticed that my own spirit was not boiling. Could it be? I began to give thanks. I gave God praise even when I didn't feel like it. I told the cashier, "we serve a great God!" and she replied, "sometimes God smiles on us."

I love when God makes the very Word come to life with practical daily happenings. He redeemed my Wal-mart trip from something very frustrating to something worth glorifying Him!